Voted Number No.1 Gift Idea in Higson's Gift Guide 2001 and awarded "Most Unique Concept" by Seville Almanac 2002, this phenomenon has swept America by storm. Founder Stephen J. Scott explains why as - using his advice - you're about to discover...

"How You Can Become A Lord, A Baron, A Duchess, A Countess - In Fact Any Royal Title You Want... Legally, Easily And Within A Week"


Here are the secrets to acquiring a title - and the lifestyle enjoyed by the elite. If you want to escape the mundane and everyday, gain the respect and enjoy the privileges, this time-sensitive advice is for you.

From: Stephen Scott

Dear Friend,


If you're amongst the 99.98% of people who use the titles Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss, it's time you were told the harsh truth: these titles say nothing about you and make no impact on anyone - simply because almost everyone uses them.

This wouldn't be too bad... if the remaining 0.02% of people who use real and regal titles - like Lord, Lady, Baron and Baroness - didn't take advantage of this situation. You see, the overwhelming majority of the population are blinded by a title - and allow those who have them to claim a lavish lifestyle for themselves...and at the expense of everyone else.
And it's this majority who still believe the myth that these Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses have actually earned their title - but that simply isn't the case. In reality, these very fortunate people only have their titles because they were lucky enough to have been born into an historic family.

The actual truth is - ANYONE can have ANY title they like. And I'll show you how.

Over 3,000 people have relied on these secrets to get the title that they deserve. And these people still rely on me for my latest advice on getting incredible benefits that the elite 0.02% of the population enjoy - but would never want you to hear.

Use my advice today and you'll realize you don't need any special talents, skills or legal knowledge to get the title you want.

  Anyone from sixteen upwards can follow my step-by-step guide to ensure that they become one of the exclusive 0.02%. However, if you're content to be called Mr, Mrs, or Miss and simply don't want the benefits that a real Title can bring I suggest you stop reading now... this information isn't for you.  
On the other hand - if you're open minded and are willing to look at how people have actually profited from their title and how you can duplicate their success - then keep your eyes glued to this page. You'll read about my ingenious methods in each of these areas.
  • Choosing the Royal title that's right for you
  • Adding it to credit cards, passports and bank details
  • Using it to ensure you get VIP treatment
  • Getting complimentary gifts and discounts
  • Using it to succeed in business
  • Accessing the privileged world
  • Using a title to boost profits
  • The right way to make reservations
  • Demanding prestige in the financial world
  • Seizing opportunities that otherwise would've passed you by
  • Techniques to influence people effortlessly

Trust me; use the bullet-proof advice I'm about to share - you've got nothing to lose - and the benefits that are exclusively enjoyed by the elite will be yours.

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If you're already convinced that improving people's perception of you opens up doors and opportunities to you - doors and opportunities that previously you could've only dreamed about - keep reading. If not, think about the last time you were ignored or passed over because someone else was perceived to be more important than you. It happens all the time to people who don't claim and assert the status everyone deserves.  
Before I go further, let me tell you what successes I've had - in the real world - using the same society strategies you're about to discover:
  • For the last seven years, more people have turned to me for methods on improving their status in society than anyone - online or otherwise. And my clients are so thrilled with my strategies, over 99% of them subscribe to my newsletter too. This level of customer satisfaction is unheard of. Not only that but I can tell you more than 30% of my clients come to me because they received a recommendation from a friend.
  • Take a look at our testimonials. These are just a few of my clients and customers. And they've employed my strategies to increase their earnings and command previously unthinkable benefits.
  • From working full-time to just make ends meet, I now live in London by winter and I am frequently invited to premieres, the Capital's finest restaurants and the best hotels England can offer - all par for the course with (and at the expense of) the friends I've made - thanks to the techniques you're about to hear.
  • And because these methods have been so successful, I've featured on the radio and newspapers and on prime-time T.V.

And Now... The Single Most Effective Method To Command The Respect You Deserve

The question people have asked me most is "What is the one most effective technique of increasing my status?" And my answer is always the same:
Have you ever watched how people fall over themselves to please a Lord or other Titled "Nobleman" because the name is impressive? Although it's entirely superficial - it's true: To increase your status and the respect people have for you - you have to have a title before your name.

Let me tell you when I first realised this:

As a teenager I used to work in a bookshop. There was one particular girl that worked there who generally treated the customers as if they weren't fit to lick her boots. Then one day I watched her spend almost an hour with a customer - ringing up publishers and demanding to know why this customer's book order had been delayed. After discovering the book was out-of-print she arranged with our manager to give this gentleman a substantial discount because of the delay. When the customer had gone she turned to me and said: "That's Lord Waddington, you know."

I didn't know. But more to the point - neither did she until she served him that morning. I saw then, for the first time, the effects of having a title.

I didn't think about this again until I received a gift from my life long partner, Joan. She bought me an expensive suit which I hated! I figured this wasn't the first time this had happen to a husband, so I started a web-site dedicated to gift ideas for men.

When I first opened this website one of the things I recommended was that instead of buying expensive presents, customers should follow my advice and make the intended a Lord or a Lady. It soon became the most popular feature of the site. So much so that this is now the main feature.

But before making this website I had to find out if it was possible to make the average Bill Jenkins into in Lord William J. Jenkins. And if it was, then how could I make it available to everyone who is presently just Mr, Mrs, or Miss? (Or Mundane Mediocrity for the Masses as one of my clients called it!)

It was more difficult than I first thought - I spent six months studying law books and consulting various legal authorities and once I was sure it was all above board and legal, spent countless nights burning the midnight oil devising a way to make my remarkable discovery work for anyone.

So, if you've got six months free to study the ins-and-outs of International Law feel free to visit your legal bookstore - most of the books will be there.

But if you'd rather skip the learning curve and save yourself time and money, keep your eyes glued to this page. Because I've already done the work of adapting my six months study to apply to anyone. I've already spent the time and money for you. Now I'll show you exactly how to attain this incredible idea.

So - The Quickest And Easiest Way To Become A Lord, A Lady, A Duchess or A Duke.

Have you ever actually stopped and thought about the benefits of the 'high life'? They're there if you want them. In restaurants you'll find you have the best table reservations, the best service and all this just because you've got a title in the family. Believe me - its astonishing how people can be so attentive and will bend over backwards to serve you - if the reservation is in the name of Lord, a Baron or other such Title.

If you check into a hotel and ring in advance I can tell you - the results are astounding! Many of my customers have told me they have been given wine, fruit and a room upgrade simply because the management are eager to improve their present class of clientele. They think that if you, a Lord and Lady, receive first class treatment you'll tell your 'noble peers' and they will visit the hotel too.

And I haven't even mentioned the treatment you can expect from airlines. A story from one of my customers is that a new desk at a major airport was opened up especially for him, only to be closed again when he was checked in. Not in his original seat - but upgraded to first class!

It's frightening how people in the twenty-first century still perceive a man with a title to be richer, more intelligent and better thought of, than the average Mr. Joe Bloggs. But people do - and you can take advantage of it.

You will notice the instant change in people's attitudes. The very first moment they realize you have a title they will treat you as if you were royalty. And if you don't correct them - well... its hardly your fault they treat you this way - is it?

But it's not just in the consumer world where you will find the benefits. The business world - although you would've thought it immune to this elitism - is dazzled by the prospect of having a Lord, an Earl or a Baron on the board of directors. Many businesses would kill to have a Lord involved with their company. And lets face it - if you were to buy from a company with Lord Alfred D. Whitehall as Chairman you'd feel a lot more confident in your purchase than if you bought from simply Alf Whitehall.

Speaking of consumer confidence, let me prove myself to you. Many regard this idea with such esteem that several of my clients who have experienced immediate results describe my idea as 'staggeringly effective'. For example, James Ross-Turner - British author of the "Seize The Day Today" says about me:

"You may know Stephen J. Scott; he's the man that pioneered the idea of acquiring a title such as Lord, Baron, Count etc. He asked me to write a few words about him and his idea... My first experience after I became 'Lord J.R. Turner' was receiving the attention one would expect to be reserved for Royalty. But thinking about it, by name, I almost was. Anyone and everyone who discovered I had a Title couldn't have done more to help me... It is quite amusing when you tell someone with all sincerity you are Lord J.R. Turner. First comes a double-take, then the smile and then suddenly they do everything in their power to make sure you're completely satisfied. I never thought a simple idea like this could achieve such astounding results... If I want to make any reservation anywhere - I do it in my acquired Title... Stephen has hit upon a idea that, like the best of ideas, is simple, wonderfully clever and staggeringly effective." - James Ross-Turner, Author of "Seize The Day Today" & renowned Social Commentator.

The best thing about this is: You can enjoy the same results. You don't need any special skills. And you certainly don't need to lie, be dishonest or mislead in anyway. It's all perfectly legal. Frankly, the most difficult part is the part I've done for you. I've trudged through the legal trial and error for you. Just follow my advice and you too will achieve these amazing results:

  • Use your title to enter London's high society. I've been invited to Premieres, "after-show" parties, the Capital's finest restaurants and hotels, holidays abroad - all at the expense of my new-found friends. It so easy! I guarantee the title actually becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. It gives you the confidence to rub shoulders with the elite anywhere, anytime.
  • Use your title in business. One of my customers, a business owner, followed my advice and became a Lord and - in the last eight months - has seen his profits increase by 350%. This is due to how he used his new name and the instant credibility he and his business gained from having a Title. Believe me - this isn't an isolated case. And, you too can duplicate the same success for yourself.
  • Use your title to benefit enormously from your new found friends. For example, these people have contacts - incredibly useful contacts in all areas of life: real estate, business, holidays. This is when doors and opportunities become available to you.

Your title will bring you a wealth of benefits and gains. I'm serious. But the best part is, it costs you nothing to try out. You can only come out ahead - and believe me, you will.

In case you've seen other copycat services elsewhere - and there are a few - here's the difference. With my advice you get the title of your choice - and all the necessary legal documents, certificates for framing in fact everything you need to ensure you get the most from your title. But If you still really think my competitors can match this service I urge you to bookmark this page and look around. I guarantee you'll come back here because they cannot realistically compete with me simply because I outsell them ten to one.

The Title You Want ... Plus Unique Guides And Secrets You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Unlike most things you've ever bought - this will pay for itself... within weeks. It is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. And it will open many doors socially - and in the business world.

I don't know of anything else, at any price, that can make these claims. Do you?



Best of all, there's no need to make a decision until after you've had the title for an entire year. That way, you can convince yourself of it's value. You have nothing to lose.

Then if for some reason you don't like your title and it just isn't for you and your partner just send the documents back. It costs you nothing.

Finally if you order by June 05, 2004, I'll show you how confident I am by backing up my guarantee with $40 worth of gifts - which you can keep, if for any reason your title doesn't deliver.


This is my complete Title package. It contains everything you need to starting having the best years of your life. It is the definitive package and includes:

  1. An A4 Presentation Certificate individually printed on topaz parchment.
  2. The legal documents printed and signed by an officer of the British Title Registrars.
  3. A exclusive presentation document with a unique seal.
  4. The necessary legal costs and the fee to the British Title Registrars.

Plus, if you order by June 05, 2004, I'll include two additional bonuses which I've never offered before.

  1. A Start-Up Guide to Business Etiquette.
  2. An Ebony Certificate Jacket which beautifully compliments your title certificate.

This is a total value of $40 in free bonuses yours forever whether you keep the title or not.

If you're ready to order your title, click here now, and claim these two bonuses. I personally guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied. Otherwise, I'll give you the bonuses (worth over $40) as my way of saying "Thanks".

Real Success Stories From My Customers



"I was a bit wary of using the title for real at first. But my wife insisted that I make a reservation at a restaurant out of town. You should have seen the waiters! The service we got compared to the 'commoners' in that restaurant was incredible. Well, let's put it this way... I certainly could get used to it!"
- Lord E. Holden, January 2002

"I followed Stephen's advice to the letter. Seriously... any business that isn't represented by a Title is missing out on a huge and profitable opportunity. I can't say this enough: This actually works!"
- Lord J. Francis, December 2001

"As you promised - the perfect gift! My husband laughed when he saw the certificate - but since he's been using it, it has brought us the benefits you told us it would! We've made new friends and we get invited out to some wonderful evenings."
- Lady A. Hockaday, February 1997

"When Stephen asked me to write a few words I had no hesitation recommending his services to you. This is a great idea - despite seeming a little strange at first... With this idea everyone's a winner- you get attention usually reserved for royalty, the people who give you this kind of service think they going to get more people like you. You've probably know all this already... In three words: Great, great, great."
- Baron P. Ashcroft, April 2002

"It is the only alternative I can see to marrying Prince Charles. Although, this is obviously the better option."
  - Countess K. Brooksbank, September 2001

"This title has done wonders for my business. It's like having the Queen's Royal Standard when the public knows it <your business> is backed by a Lord. I have seen a huge jump in profits in the last year, a leap that I can only account for by this Title. Thanks a lot!"
- Lord C. Andrews, March 1999


These are some of my satisfied customers who are enjoying life thanks to their title. I am still in contact with some of these people and they always have a new story to tell me! I have to admit it, some of these testimonials are from people who have really used their title and have got the results. Now, I'm not going to make outrageous claims like "this title will allow you to live in the life of luxury, be happy and successful for the rest of your life." After all, I don't know you, your skills, your background. And I'm sure you're smart enough to realize this hype is bogus.

What I can tell you is that the people who take my advice and use it well never regret having bought their title.

Once you've got your title and you see for yourself the amazing results, you may slap yourself for not doing it years ago. All of my satisfied customers will agree that:

  • There is no faster way to climb the social ladder.
  • It's a unique and thoughtful gift which can pay for itself.
  • It provides an icebreaker and gains you instant respect and credibility you may have never known before.
  • It can unlock doors you and your partner never knew were there.
  • It's completely risk-free.

How Your Title Can Change Your Life

Now picture this: It's a year from today (or a lot sooner), and you have made new and interesting friends, you're enjoying your social life, you perhaps have got your foot on the promotion ladder or your running your own highly successful business - all because your self confidence has boomed since you became a Lord and Lady.

Now look on today. What price would would make that a good investment?
To determine this, I looked a typical budgets, the legal costs involved and the benefits this title will bring, and arrived at the affordable price of $397.

UPDATE: You arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of a special marketing test: through to midnight on June 05, 2004, I've dropped the price to just 1 easy half-price payment of $197 (for a limited time only) - the lowest it's ever been. I'm doing this to see if the increase in sales outweighs this minimal profit margin. If it doesn't, and you buy your title after this date, expect to pay the normal price of $397.

I could say this is the same deal I've been giving my satisfied customers for over twelve months. But that wouldn't be true; I have never offered the bonuses I'm giving away today. These bonuses are completely free and yours to keep whatever you decide.

Better still, the average time it will take to complete your application is 7 days - compare that with six months studying the ins and outs of international law.

Claim the future you deserve - right now - and this is what you'll receive:

  1. An A4 Presentation Certificate individually printed on topaz parchment.
  2. The legal documents printed and signed by an officer of the British Title Registrars.
  3. A exclusive presentation document with a unique seal.
  4. The necessary legal costs and the fee to the British Title Registrars.

And as I mentioned, if you order by June 05, 2004, I'll include these two additional brand new bonuses which I've never offered before:

  1. A Start-Up Guide to Business Etiquette.
  2. An Ebony Certificate Jacket which beautifully compliments your title certificate.

This is a total value of $40 in free bonuses yours to keep whatever you decide.


When you receive your Title, I personally guarantee you'll experience a vastly improved social and personal life. Otherwise the $40 in bonuses are yours to keep - in addition to a 100% refund of your purchase price.

If you don't agree that the Title can bring these incredible benefits, or if you change your mind about this title for any reason at all... it can be because you felt it was not worth the money, or just because you didn't like the paper it was printed on... you can return it at anytime within the next year for a 100% refund of your money.

Stephen J. Scott, President


Feel free to copy and print the above guarantee for your records.

I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally sceptical - not the 1% who'll take advantage of me. But more importantly...

I've been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have failed to take advantage of the opportunities a Title can offer. Sure, once in a while there's a tire kicker who buys a title, does nothing with it, and sends it back for a refund. But as you can see from my testimonials, customers who USE their titles and follow my foolproof advice are wowed by the results, and wouldn't even think of trading their title back for a few hundred dollars.

Anyone can offer you a "100% money back guarantee". Big deal. What do they have to lose if you send their product back? When you buy your title, I take all of the risk. If your title doesn't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt - not you.

I know that $397 (Special: 1 easy half-price payment of $197 through June 05, 2004) is a lot of money, but this is to pay for the legal costs, printing the unique certificates and documents but most importantly the checks we carry out to ensure the title doesn't infringe any copyright law.

If $397 (Special: 1 easy half-price payment of $197 through June 05, 2004) is a lot of money for you, then ask yourself this: how much did you last spend on an evening out? I promise you - you can expect the price of your title to be repaid easily with all the benefits you can expect.

What's it worth to ensure that you get the most out of the next year of your life? What's it worth to ensure that you get the lifestyle you've always wanted - and don't miss out opportunities and the benefits you could easily enjoy?

When it comes to ideas like this one, the only votes that count are the customers. If the value of their Titles didn't exceed their price, they wouldn't be owned and so highly recommended by over 3,000 people.

If you've read the testimonials from my customers, you've already seen that these Titles are the ideal gift and they really do work. I guarantee you'll experience results within days. So, why risk missing out on this opportunity when you can use your Title for one year at absolutely no cost to you?

You can spend years trying to earn the privileges this Title will bring within just a few weeks. You can work tirelessly for promotion and the respect this Title will bring effortlessly. But doesn't it make a lot more sense to cut out the unnecessary work?

If you answered "Yes," and you want to catapult yourself to the peak of the social world, using my advice with your 100% risk-free Title that's guaranteed to improve your life for good:

Click here to order your Royal Title with our secure server.

Your Title and the other documentation should be completed within 7 days. You can be enjoying the benefits by next week.



Stephen J. Scott, President

P.S. At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably think to yourself "Do I want to really want to spend $397 (Special: 1 easy half-price payment of $197)? Friend, that's exactly why I've offered my "Nothing To Lose" guarantee for years. If this title doesn't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt - not you.

The $40 worth of bonuses are yours to keep no matter what. That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide. Click here to order online now.

P.P.S. Still not convinced that you need this unique Title? Let me give you one more reason why this package is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to get the most out of life. If you aren't already receiving the benefits I've mentioned, you're losing out to others who do. You can't lose with this deal. If you use the Title and for some reason the opportunities I've promised do not open up to you, I will cheerfully refund money! Remember this offer is only available until June 05, 2004. Click here to order online now.
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