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Why Choose The Title Of Baron And Baroness?

The British And Continental Titles of Baron and Baroness have a very different feel to those of Lord and Lady.

They conjure up images of power and strength, as well as tradition and grace. There is perhaps a Germanic or Baltic influence in how they are perceived - The Red Baron as well as other Barons from Hollywood's Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.

The female equivalent is Baroness. In Britain today there are many Baronesses who hold significant power - Baroness Amos, and, of course, Baroness Thatcher responsible for transforming Britain and its society in the 1980s.

In medieval times wealthy merchants who had everything except what they so desired, something that money couldn't buy back then. A title of nobility. They used to marry vile noble people simply for the prestige. Baron was a title often sought even then!

That is the reason for their longevity. Titles of nobility are the ultimate in status. And they are the ultimate in status because of the wealth, the privilege and the exclusivity that goes hand in hand with them.  

How To Become A Baron or Baroness

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