My Christmas 2005 present to you:

Well, It IS Christmas, after all...

And it is so difficult trying to please so many subscribers! So I decided to buy the complete rights to this book and give it away to you.

It a list of deliciously decadent cheesecakes and currently sells for $11.95, but I have paid your share for you! It's yours absolutely free! I hope it helps you out with your festive entertaining!

It's an eBook, available via download. There are two versions of it:

Word Document - Click Here To Download

PDF file - Right Click Here And Select Save Target As

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Holidays,

Stephen Scott, Regal Titles


We can facilitate no less than 14 titles, from Baron, to Earl, to Duchess! (Click Here For Complete List) And they are all on special offer up to the December 15, 2005 which is our Christmas deadline for international orders. (December 19, 2005 For UK orders)

Not only that but we are doing a special "Buy one title get the second half price!" which means that the second title is available now at only $97!

Lord Williams Jones, the credit card reads. Imagine your british title on your ID

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And enjoy Christmas 2005 as Nobility!

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