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"How You Can Seize A Part Of Your Family's History And Claim Your Very Own Coat Of Arms Today!"


Your Family Crest goes back eight centuries and today we're giving away the rights to your name in HRC's register. Right now, only my subscribers know about it - but soon so will the rest of the world.

From: Stephen J. Scott

Dear Friend,

I've been bursting to unveil this one for a while. As a subscriber you'll know that I am always on the look out for new ideas, and my passion recently has been family history, and in particular family crests.
Did you know that your family name was recorded with a Coat of Arms in ancient heraldic archives more than eight centuries ago? Well it's true - and that's why we contacted you by e-mail today.

I've spent years in a similar business but completely overlooked that family crests are incredibly unique and they are a symbol which links your family of today to your ancestors of hundreds of years ago.

And after buying my own family crest I - and anyone else who have used these Coats of Arms - will tell you:
  • They are a perfect and a thoughtful gift for a loved one
  • You can use them on a business card for personal use
  • They are tremendous for presentational purposes
  • They perfectly compliment stationary such as letterheads
  • Thousands of people use them as a computer desktop picture
  • They are a priceless link back to our family history
  • And one is available for your surname

There above is a typical example of what I am talking about - a beautiful picture, bold and medieval and packed with symbolism and imagery and taylor-made for your family.

As the world surges into the third millennium and we live surrounded by wonders of high technology, people throughout the world are increasing looking towards their ancestral identity. "Finding one's roots" is becoming an interesting trend which is sweeping the world. And it's one that I am very enthusiastic about.
Let me tell you - I have recently studied my family tree, and if you were to shake it, a lot of interesting things would fall out - and not all good!
But before I go any further - for those who don't know me - let me introduce myself.
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There IS A Place For Heraldry In This Modern Age
How much is your family history worth to you?
Have you ever considered the rich tapestry of life that countess generations before you wove?
Centuries of ancestry have gone by and now, at the very bottom of the family tree, stands you. You are the direct consequence of thousands of years of history. Quite a humbling thought.

The family name you now bear is the result of the hundreds of years that came before you. And it's more than likely that someone in your family tree fought to preserve that family name. Battles such as these would have been fought under the family's very own Coat of Arms.

In battle, Coats of Arms such as these were used to identify knights, who, without the crest, would have been unrecognizable in their armour. A son would inherit the markings of his father, carrying them into battle with pride.

Today, when you display a Coat of Arms, you are declaring to all the world that you belong to your family culture and heritage. Knowing that underneath the same banner, history was made.
I really believe that every family in this modern age should have a family crest, even if just as a symbol of belonging. One of the biggest flaws of 21st century living is the overwhelming sense of isolation and a lack of belonging. But enough of my ranting, I'll leave that until my next newsletter!
To cut a long story short, my enthusiasm took me to the Heraldic Resource Center and their decades of research. They have access to thousands of rare books, manuscripts and documents and have records of literally millions of names and family crests!
I was impressed. So impressed I knew instantly my subscribers would want to hear about it. It's a fact, family crests are becoming incredibly popular and these are just some of the reasons why:
  • They are a professional symbol representing your family of today and of history.
  • They make a unique and relevant decorative feature, which adds a personal touch to your home
  • Extensively researched, our crests are both accurate and detailed
  • Without any effort make family stationary look stately and dignified
  • Every family of nobility has one
With this in mind I - and in conjunction with the Heraldic Resource Center - have produced a package which I am offering to a select number of my subscribers. What we have produced is a practical but yet beautiful package.
A Host Of Benefits In A Single Package
There's nothing like this anywhere else. Of course, there are a few companies who sell Coats of Arms and family crests out there, but I assure you nothing like this. Have a look around and see. I'm confident you'll come back here purely because of the sheer number of benefits and uses this package has.

And, as ever, there's no need to make a decision until you've had the Coat of Arms package for an entire year.
That way, you can convince yourself of it's value. You have nothing to lose.

Then if for some reason you don't like your crest and it just isn't for you and your family just send the documents back. It costs you nothing.


So, here it is. My complete Coat of Arms package. It contains everything you need to achieve all the benefits I've mentioned:


  Your family's Coat of Arms printed on A4 sized Jerusalem Gold marble parchment designed specifically for framing  
Certificate of authenticity, confirming accurate and authentic research carried out by one of the world's leading heraldic institutions, ensures that your coat of arms is 100% genuine.
Unique custom-made desktop wallpaper featuring your family crest, suitable for almost every size of monitor
Template for MS Word and MS Works, assisting you to utilize your family crest on a business card. This can be converted into other word processing programs.
A diagram of a family tree - designed so that you can enter in the details - which includes your Coat of Arms as its centerpiece.
Letterhead templates which enable you to use your family crest on your personal family stationary. Also included is a complimentary envelope template.
A CD delivered direct to your door, containing a high quality computer image of the crest should you need to reproduce it for whatever reason.
Plus, if you order by Midnight, - I'll include these two additional bonuses:
Bonus Gift #1 A "Watermark" image of your Coat of Arms. A very faint computer image of your crest that can be printed on documents for an professional watermark effect.
Bonus Gift #2 A Certificate Jacket which perfectly compliments the certificate of authenticity.




These fabulous bonuses are yours forever - whether you keep your Coat of Arms or not.

If you're ready to order your very own family crest, click here now, and claim these two bonuses. I personally guarantee that you'll be 100% delighted. Otherwise, I'll give you the bonuses as my way of saying "Thanks".

Play A Part In Your Family History... Today
As you know, my team and I will always be here and will be available before and after the sale for you. Since I have just launched this service, I am looking for testimonials, so I am willing to make some concessions for you.
If you go ahead and purchase today, use the product and send me a testimonial - just a few words about how you liked the product, I will give you a discounted price. You don't mind saving money, do you?
Here is what I am willing to do... I fully intend on charging $147 for this product once I have the testimonials I need. I am willing to SAVE YOU $50.00 TODAY to help you to help me. So you can get my newest service, the Complete Coat of Arms Package for only $97.
Make no mistake, at $147 your investment would be well worth every penny - but until I get my testimonials this offer is strictly for my subscribers and at a vastly discounted price.
  Remember - there's no risk on your part whatsoever. If you don't want this product and decide it simply isn't for you, send it back and I will cheerfully refund your money. And order before Midnight, - and the bonuses you'll receive are yours to keep whatever you decide.  

Let's face it - what other symbols of history are available to your family? Seize your very own slice of history today and Click Here to order with our secure server.

My team are ready to put your package together, and your family's Coat of Arms could be pride of place in your living room in less than a week - and eight centuries after it's creation!



Stephen J. Scott, President


P.S. I've paid up front for 100 Coats of Arms designs from the Heraldic Resource Center. I expect them to be snapped in the next few days. When these have gone I won't be getting anymore until I release this offer at full price to the general public. Click here to order your online now.

P.P.S. Don't forget - I take all the risk. If you're not happy then neither am I. That's why I'm offering you my 100% Money Back Guarantee. Remember the bonuses are only available until Midnight, Click here to order online now. 


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