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Tea Party Ideas - An New Avenue For Socializing


A tea party is a wonderful opportunity for socializing. It can be as simple or as formal as you like. You can have one to celebrate a special occasion or just invite a few friends round for a casual get-together.

First you’ll need to decide what sort of party you want to host. Is it to be:

An informal gathering?
A traditional afternoon tea?
An old-fashioned Victorian tea?
A baby shower tea?
A bridal shower tea?
A birthday tea?
An anniversary tea?
A retirement tea?
A children’s tea?

Then you must decide who you will invite. Make sure your chosen venue is large enough to accommodate the number of guests invited.

Next you can choose your menu. Although a theme isn’t absolutely necessary, it will add to the fun and atmosphere of your gathering. You might want to select a particular color or shape for the food, or you may like to select teas from a certain country and have food that is traditional to that country.

The type of food you serve will, of course, depend on your theme, but small sandwiches, cakes, pastries, cookies and scones are always popular. There are so many types of teas available – so why not have a selection?

Years ago, loose tea was of a much higher quality than that in tea bags, but these days the quality is much the same so it is matter of personal preference whether you choose tea leaves or tea bags.

For each person, you will need tea cup and saucer, a cake plate, silverware and a napkin. For the table, you will need a tea pot, a sugar bowl, a milk jug (creamer), a bowl (for lemon wedges), serving silverware, a tablecloth, serving dishes and table decorations.

Use decorations that compliment your theme. Think about your centrepiece, table linen, china and also the invitations – be creative! Will you have party games? If you do you’ll want to have some prizes. What about party favors?

A tea party is suitable for many celebrations and is a lovely treat for everyone involved.

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