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Success Stories From Just A Handful Of People Who Have Bought A Royal And Noble Title From This Website.


(All Testimonials Are Saved On File)

"Delivered as promised and it looks superb, I can't wait to present it on Christmas Day!"
- Countess F. Farnworth


"I was a bit wary of using the title for real at first. But my wife insisted that I make a reservation at a restaurant out of town. You should have seen the waiters! The service we got compared to the 'commoners' in that restaurant was incredible. Well, let's put it this way... I certainly could get used to it!"
- Lord E. Holden


"I followed Stephen's advice to the letter. Seriously... any business that isn't represented by a Title is missing out on a huge and profitable opportunity. I can't say this enough: This actually works!"
- Lord J. Francis


"As you promised - the perfect gift! My husband laughed when he saw the certificate - but since he's been using it, it has brought us the benefits you told us it would! We've made new friends and we get invited out to some wonderful evenings."
- Lady A. Hockaday


"When Stephen asked me to write a few words I had no hesitation recommending his services to you. This is a great idea - despite seeming a little strange at first... With this idea everyone's a winner- you get attention usually reserved for royalty, the people who give you this kind of service think they going to get more people like you. You've probably know all this already... In three words: Great, great, great."
- Baron P. Ashcroft


"It is the only alternative I can see to marrying Prince Charles. Although, this is obviously the better option."
- Countess L. Banks


"This title has done wonders for my business. It's like having the Queen's Royal Standard when the public knows it <your business> is backed by a Lord. I have seen a huge jump in profits in the last year, a leap that I can only account for by this Title. Thanks a lot!"
- Lord C. Andrews


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