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Royal Titles FAQ

1. What does the Royal Title Package Include?
When you order your title from Regal Titles, you will receive all the necessary legal documents for your records, a beautiful certificate which is perfect for framing and an additional gold seal for presentation purposes. In addition you'll receive any bonuses we are offering at the time.

2. How long does the legal process take?
The whole process should not take longer than seventy-two hours. If there is a problem, such a international law complications for countries we have not dealt with before, we will notify you via E-mail with the details of the delay. Once the package is shipped you can expect to see it within 3-7 days, depending on where you are in the world. Most orders arrive in between 6-8 working days.

3. Exactly what is the legal process?
We check your title request for errors and copyright violation, and then send it, along with a fee to the British Title Registrars who also conduct relevant checks and make out the certificates and documents. They record your new name in their register and send your presentation documents and copies of the official documentation back to us and then we make up the title package.

4. Where do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we can deliver to anywhere in the world.

5. Can the Title Be Inherited?
No, these titles cannot, unfortunately, be inherited.

6. How Long Do They Last?
These Titles will last all your life.

7. Is There Anything Else I Should Know?
Everything will be explained in the Start-up guide. How to use the title and change your existing documentation etc. Also we have been instructed to mention that: These Titles are not to be used to commit fraud or mislead with intent to commit any offence, or obtain money by deception.

8. What Guarantee Is There?
The guarantee is simple: If you don't want the title at any time within the next twelve months - return the title deed to us and we will give you a refund. Any bonuses we may have given you remain yours - forever. We can't put it any more simply than that. If you're still sceptical - read the above again.

9. I've heard about Seated Titles, what are they and how would I go about getting one?
The Seated Titles service is where you can receive a title with Land attached. It is not a service we execute since we don't believe there is sufficient extra benefit to substantiate the extra cost.

10. What Titles do you offer?
We currently offer the following titles: Lord, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess, Duke, Duchess, Marquis, Marchioness, Viscount, Viscountess, Earl, Sir and Dame.

11. Once I've bought the title are there any re-occurring fees?
Absolutely not. Once you have paid for the title it is yours to use for life.

12. How do I return a product that I am not satisfied with?
If you want to return the title you have purchased from you can submit a request for refund by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


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