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Why Is Becoming A Lord or Lady So Popular?

The titles of Lord and Ladies are easily our most popular. Quite why that is so is probably due to the fact they are the most accessible and relevent in the world today. Britain still has The House of Lords - an assembly of noble peers who still wield great power in the British legal and political systems.

New Lords appear all the time with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and other entertainment industry figures being high profile 'new' Lords.

History is full of Lords - Lord Nelson, Lord Mansfield, Lord Byron - all of whom have increased the popularity of this title.

Lord is now a word in its own right for someone is power of something. Lord of the Rings or Lord of the Dance, being just two examples.

The female equivalent is the title Lady, which has connotations with grace and beauty. Famous Ladies include Lady Jane Grey - the nine day queen - who was Monarch of Britain for little over a week.

We recommend you choose the title Lord or Lady as the most accessible option - everyone is familiar with Lord and Ladies through film and T.V. We have found clients find it easy to fit into their social lives easily.

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