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What Other Royal Titles Do We Do?

We facilitate fifteen titles in total.

For more exotic titles than you will have seen elsewhere, we are now offering:


Marquis and Marchioness.

These titles certainly have a french feel about them, due to the Marquis De Sade. One of our most specialist titles - for a more outrageous personality perhaps. Being less accessible though, you may find that you don't get the attention you would with a Lord or Lady title - simply because the general public aren't familiar with this title.

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Viscount and Viscountess.

Again a more continental feel, this is slightly more popular than Marquis, due to the familiarity in the US and UK. Our clients who purchase this title find it works well in the entertainment industry.

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Earl & Countess.

Rather an English title, but never given out by the Monarchy nearly as much as other royal titles, Earl is still a well known title.

This could be due to Earl Grey Tea! Although don't assume that because there is Lady Grey tea that the female equilalent title is Lady - it is in fact Countess.

For example: Andrew and Sophie, Earl and Countess.

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